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Running MockServer Vert.X Module

MockServer can be run as a Vert.X module. However, support for the Vert.X module was stopped at version 2.9. This is because Vert.X requires Java 7 and MockServer Vert.X module was the only MockServer module that relied on Java 7 making the build and development process more complex.

First, you'll need to install Vert.x.

Then to run MockServer as Vert.X module run the following command:

vertx install org.mock-server~mockserver-vertx~2.9
export VERTX_OPTS="-Dmockserver.serverPort=1080 -Dmockserver.serverSecurePort=1443 -Dmockserver.logLevel=TRACE"
vertx runmod org.mock-server~mockserver-vertx~2.9

The specify the HTTP port and / or HTTPS port the VERTX_OPTS environment variable must be set specifying the system property mockserver.serverPort for the HTTP port and mockserver.serverSecurePort for the HTTPS port.

Note: At least one of either the HTTP or the HTTPS port must be specified for MockServer to run.

export VERTX_OPTS="-Dmockserver.serverPort=1080 -Dmockserver.serverSecurePort=1443 -Dmockserver.logLevel=TRACE"

It is also possible to update the default logging level by setting the system properties mockserver.logLevel as above.